Crime proof your premises with GRP fencing

There’s a definite change in temperature and the nights are noticeably drawing in. Yes, autumn has officially arrived – and winter won’t be far behind! But the question is – are you ready?

Ready for what, you might ask? Allow us to explain…

Sadly, theft and break-ins are always a concern for home and business owners, but during the darker months, there is often a dramatic rise in this kind of crime. So, with daylight saving set to end on 25 October this year, now is the time to review your safety measures and ensure your premises are as safe and secure as possible for the months ahead.

Why do crime rates rise in winter?

There are a number of reasons why crime rates for burglary rise in winter. Including:

– Undercover of darkness – criminals don’t like to be seen and as we approach winter the number of daylight hours significantly reduce. With shorter days come longer hours for criminals to operate under a blanket of darkness.

– The cold – as the temperatures dip, fewer people are about and, if they are, they are in a rush to get in out of the cold, head down and paying less attention to their surroundings. Giving intruders more confidence to carry out their crimes.

– Increased stock – in the run-up to Christmas many businesses increase their stock stores, which make an attractive target.


How can you protect your property?

So that’s the bad news. The good news is that there are plenty of measures you can take to protect your property and reduce the chance of becoming a victim.

– Lighting – consider fitting security lights around your premises. You could opt for timed lights that automatically flick on at a set hour to ensure as soon as the sun goes down the area is still illuminated or opt for motion-activated lights that come to life when movement is sensed.

– Alarms – if you don’t already have one, consider alarming your premises. CCTV is also another excellent deterrent.

– Fencing – why make things easy for intruders? Surround your premises with secure fencing and make life as difficult as possible for anyone trying to gain unauthorised access.


Why choose GRP fencing?

Whether for your business, school, or your home. Fencing is undoubtedly your first line of defence – and therefore possibly the most important. It offers one of the simplest and most effective ways to deter unwanted visitors to your premises.

Forming a visible barrier, fencing provides a way of securing equipment and stock and is an excellent deterrent if used to surround the entire perimeter of your property so no one can get in without a struggle.

But what is the best type of fencing to use? Well, any fencing is better than none – but the optimum choice? GRP fencing panels.

Lightweight, strong, and much more attractive than conventional concrete slabs. GRP fencing panels – like those we supply here at HR Kilns – are available in a range of colours including grey, green, black and white as standard, with others available on request.

As with all GRP products they offer all the perks of glass reinforced plastic meaning they are extremely durable, fire-resistant and low maintenance. And you can expect them to offer protection for many years to come.


Order your GRP fencing panels today

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