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Do you have outdoor steps? Are you worried about people slipping? HR Kilns, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of GRP products, can help.

As we wave goodbye to the summer months and autumn sets in, it’s time to focus thoughts on the safety of outdoor spaces – particularly steps!

A notorious hot spot for accidents, steps and stairways can cause a particular problem at this time of the year, as the turn of the seasons brings more hazardous conditions.


Why are outdoor steps a problem?

Any steps – inside or out – can be dangerous, especially when wet. But outdoor steps are particularly suspect as the colder, wetter weather arrives.

Common causes of increased slip hazards on steps include:

– fallen leaves and debris

– rainwater

– snow

– ice

Aside from seasonal elements, if your steps are in a well-used environment, there are many other factors that could also present a problem:

– inappropriate footwear or shoes with poor grip

– spilt drinks or other fluids

– poor visibility

– people rushing to get out of the bad weather


As the UK’s battle with coronavirus continues, shops, schools, businesses, and many other public areas have put one-way systems in place to aid social distancing and prevent the spread of infection. The result of this has meant that previously unused spaces are now subject to increased footfall. Perhaps this was fine in the warm dry months, but how about in the rain? Are your steps safe enough?

If the answer is no, what can you do about it?

The solution

If you’re concerned your outdoor step or stairways are posing a threat to safety, then the good news is there is a simple solution – take a look at our GRP anti-slip step coverings.

These fibreglass step covers have a special carbon-silicon grit added to the top layer, creating an excellent slip-resistant and hard-wearing face. They can be applied to any surface – wood, concrete, metal – to provide an effective anti-slip tread.

What’s more, they are quick and easy to apply and can be walked on as soon as they have been fitted. Helping to keep any disruption to a minimum and ensuring your steps are as safe as possible, as quickly as possible.

We also offer glow in the dark step coverings. This special photo luminescent finish continues to glow for up to 20 hours after a light source has been removed and is a great additional safety feature.


Other ways to increase step safety

Lighting – even if your stairway is only used during the day, in the depths of winter this will mean both early mornings and late afternoons are dark. This could make potential peak times on your steps – 8 am and 5 pm – extremely hazardous. Even midday can provide poor light if it’s overcast. As such, installing proper lighting is a great way to ensure steps and stairways are always clearly illuminated. A simple floodlight should be enough to solve the problem, ensuring people can see exactly what is in front of them and put one foot safely in front of the other.

A handrail – an excellent way to not only guide users up and down stairs but also to help steady them is a handrail. Ideally fitted on both sides of a stairway, a handrail can go a long way towards preventing nasty accidents. They can be made from a number of materials – metal, wood etc – but here at HR Kilns, we offer a cost-effective alternative to conventional rails with our GRP modular handrail. We can supply rails made to your exact specifications, ready to be installed on-site at your convenience.


Order your GRP anti-slip step covers today

To find out more take a look at our GRP anti-slip step covers. Alternatively, if you’d like to speak to a member of the team, please feel free to get in touch. You can call us now on 01695 557 711 or email

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