How could you benefit from GRP flooring?

Looking for industrial flooring? A safe way to navigate a rooftop? A surface that will require minimal maintenance but still offer maximum safety and efficiency?

Then you need GRP flooring.

As a material that’s strong, durable – and can take just about anything that’s thrown at it – GRP (glass reinforced plastic) is an excellent solution for many onsite needs.

If you’re not already benefiting from GRP products, then it’s time to ask yourself why? Here the team at HR Kilns take a look at some of the most common uses for GRP flooring to highlight just some of the ways you could be using it to boost safety and efficiency in the workplace.

5 common uses for GRP flooring

1. Industrial flooring

One of the most popular uses for GRP gratings is industrial flooring. And for good reason – it’s ideal!

Being lightweight, it is incredibly easy to fit – regardless of whether it’s a new building or a retrofit to replace old flooring that is no longer suitable. With no welding necessary, onsite assembly is made easy and the flooring can easily be designed to accommodate steps, ladders, platforms and raised walkways.

Qualities such as heat, corrosion and chemical resistance, also make it a favourable choice.

2. Roof walkways

Roofs are notoriously awkward and dangerous areas of a building – but that doesn’t mean they can be neglected and ensuring safe, easy access for maintenance is essential. One of the best ways to do this is using GRP flooring.

The mould gratings can be cut to virtually any size, making them easy to customise and fit into awkward shapes and angles. Regardless of architecture, GRP flooring can be secured to just about any roofing system.

At HR Kilns, we also add a layer of carbon and silicon grit to the surface of our GRP flooring, to increase grip and create a superior anti-slip surface.

3. Platforms

GRP flooring is often used in the design of platforms and walkways. Again, the weight of GRP is a real advantage here as, being so light, it allows for easy manoeuvrability when required. In turn, this makes navigating awkward site areas far more straightforward.

The open nature of GRP flooring means visibility and light levels aren’t restricted as they would be with a solid surface and that surface water won’t hold and cause a hazard.

4. Service risers

A feature heavily relied on by the construction industry, service risers use moulded gratings to ensure flooring can be safely walked over, yet also easily removed when access is required.

Being resilient to sparks and non-conductive, a riser void made from GRP gratings can significantly boost onsite safety levels.

5. Gullies and gutters

We’ve already mentioned the virtue of GRP flooring’s anti-slip qualities, and this is frequently put to good use by employing the gratings as drain and gully coverings.

Even when wet, GRP flooring offers terrific grip, making it ideal as a drainage solution – preventing a hazard from forming without restricting access.

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