How GRP can save you money

Struggling with your balance sheets?

Construction, rail, pharmaceutical, food – whatever your industry, when it comes to business, the facts remain the same. Money matters. And making savings matters even more.

It goes without saying then, that finding products able to offer favourable qualities and cost efficiencies is a top priority, helping to increase value for money and boost your bottom line. Luckily, here at HR Kilns, we know just the thing – GRP!

Highly experienced in the design, manufacture, and installation of GRP products, we know only too well how this modern-day alternative can save you money. Can you afford not to read on and find out more?


4 ways GRP products can save you money:


  1. No painting

Toning with corporate colours, purposefully creating a contrast to stand out as a safety feature, or to provide a protective coating – there are many reasons why you might need to paint. But with GRP products there’s no need!


They come pre-coloured – with numerous shades to choose from – and you don’t need ever need to worry about having to paint them. That means no wasted manpower, no downtime while work is carried out, and no additional outlays on paint. It’s a win-win.


  1. Minimal maintenance

How much time do you spend on maintenance – and how much is it costing your business?


Whether it’s cleaning down to prevent damage from harsh chemicals, regularly drying surfaces to prevent rot or corrosion, or replacing damaged items to maintain safety levels, the time, manpower and costs associated with ongoing maintenance should not be underestimated.


Make the switch to GRP and you can reduce this instantly. Non-corrosive and anti-slip, it boasts an impressively high strength to weight ratio and unrivalled durability.


  1. Lowered claims risk

Slip, trips and falls – accidents are a fact of life but as a business, it’s your responsibility to do everything within your power to minimise risks and avoid any potential threats to safety.


By using GRP products you can rest assured that you’ve made a responsible choice. Items made from GRP won’t damage easily, become slippery if something is accidentally spilt or conduct electricity – helping to reduce the chances of you being embroiled in costly legal claims.


  1. Less chance of theft

Scrap metal is in high demand and can be an easy way for thieves to make a quick buck – leaving you with the expense and inconvenience of replacing items.


Thankfully GRP holds little resale value, removing the temptation and eradicating the problem.


Make the switch today

Wondering why you’re not already using GRP products? So are we! Don’t waste another moment (or penny!), get in touch with the team and order your GRP products today.

Check out the range online now and to place your order, or to talk in more detail with a member of the team, call us on 01695 557 711, email or fill in our contact form and we’ll be back in touch soon.



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