How GRP could help your business come back from Coronavirus

The impact of Coronavirus has been felt nationwide. And, as schools and businesses take tentative steps towards re-opening, government guidance must be followed to ensure everyone’s safety. But just how safe is your workspace, what can you do to improve things and how can our team here at HR Kilns help?

We specialise in glass reinforced plastic (GRP), designing manufacturing and installing products nationwide. As the country adapts to a ‘new normal’, we are all becoming increasingly familiar with markers on the floor and arrows keeping us flowing in one direction – but there are a number of other things you can do to help ease the strain and keep safety a top priority…


Fit anti-slip step covers

Using different exit and entries to aid the flow and avoid contact? Perhaps previously unused stairs are now a main thoroughfare? Then check out our anti-slip step coverings. These fibreglass step covers can be easily applied to any surface including wood, concrete or steel and provide a slip resistant, hard wearing surface. You can also add a luminescent strip to aid visibility at night. And the best bit? Once fitted they can be walked on straightaway, so any disruption is kept to an absolute minimum.

Create a pedestrian walkways

Us Brits have always been good at queuing, but with social distancing putting more space between us, our queues have never stretched quite so far. Need to create a new walkway or waiting area? We can create a bespoke platform just for you.

Easy to install and requiring little to no maintenance, a platform or walkway could be the ideal solution to allow you to adhere to guidance. Even better, we can create mobile platforms that can be easily manoeuvred to exactly where they are need and used in a different area when the situation changes.

Add GRP flooring

The last thing you want do is redirect footfall only for an accident to occur thanks to a slippery surface. Installing GRP flooring could be just the solution you’re looking for. Available in a wide choice of panel sizes, thickness and patterns it can be used outside and in and will guarantee an anti-slip floor.

Put up GRP fencing panels

Segregating areas? Need to organise the flow of traffic or clearly mark out boundaries? Whether in the work yard or the school playground GRP fabricated fencing is a great choice. Quick to assemble, with a range of colours on offer, you could be benefiting from a simple yet effective safety measure.


Preparation is key and – whilst rules are modified and changed on a weekly basis – it’s going to take some time before public confidence is back. That is why, regardless of potential reductions in distancing rules, putting measures in place can only ever be a positive step towards reassuring people and getting your business back on track.

Why not get in touch with the team to see how we can help you? As one of the UK’s leading suppliers of GRP, we use advanced techniques to save you time and money – without compromising on quality. Talk to us today on 01695 557 711 or email

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