How to avoid corrosion eating into your profits

Globally the cost of corrosion runs into not just millions but trillions.


It’s a huge issue. And one that industries the world over are fighting to curtail, looking for innovative new products and clever ways to reduce the damaging effects – and costs – of corrosion.

An age-old problem, yes. But the solution? Well, that lies in modern-day thinking…


What is corrosion?

Corrosion is serious, extremely costly and, unfortunately, very common.

It happens when the atoms on a metal face are oxidized, which causes damage to the surface. Most metals are easily oxidized – they tend to lose electrons to oxygen (and other elements) in the air or in water. Over time, this can cause dangerous weakness in materials, resulting in breakages, leaks and untold problems – with corroded electricals posing a real fire hazard.

Some metals have better resistance to corrosion than others, but the safest and most cost-effective solution? Make the switch from using traditional materials – such as steel or titanium – to glass reinforced plastic.

Do this, and you’ll not only prevent corrosion from eating into your profit margins, but you will also reap the many additional rewards this modern material has to offer.


How can GRP help in the fight against corrosion?

Glass reinforced plastic (otherwise known as GRP) is a composite material made from plastic that is reinforced with fine glass fibres. Its unique construction results in a material that is highly efficient and extremely resistant to corrosion.

But its advantages don’t stop there. Just some of the reasons it is such a favoured alternative include the fact that it is also:

  • non-conductive
  • resistant to a wide range of harsh chemicals
  • highly durable
  • has a high strength to weight ratio
  • low maintenance
  • versatile


In all environments – but particularly in industrial settings or where the risk of exposure to damp conditions or chemicals is high – moving to a composite material, as opposed to more traditional choices, can dramatically reduce the threat of rust and corrosion. In turn, this reduces the need for expenditure on replacement parts and repairing damage caused as a result of the deterioration.

More and more industries are recognising the advantages of opting for GRP materials and, with clear financial gains, it’s easy to understand why. So, don’t get left behind – make the smart switch today.


Order your GRP materials today

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