How to winter proof your business for 2021

There’s no escaping the fact that 2020 has been tough, with the UK enduring a health and economic crisis like never before. For many, the Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in the year passing without much distinction. Days and seasons blurring into one as the monotony of lockdown and fierce restrictions kerb our activities and freedom to get out and about.

In fact, if it wasn’t for the marker of Christmas and the unavoidable sight of twinkly lights adorning houses up and down the country, then you might be forgiven for not really knowing where we’re up to in the calendar. It’s official though – winter is here! The question is though, are you ready for it?


When does winter officially start?

Oddly, winter has two official start dates in the UK – depending on whether you consult the meteorological or astronomical definitions of the seasons.

Meteorological winter starts on the same date each year, the 1 December. The astronomical winter period starts on the same day as the winter solstice, which varies slightly each year. For 2020, it was Monday 21 December.

Regardless though, the fact remains the same – winter has definitely arrived. So far we’ve been let off lightly, with relatively mild weather. But the reality is that the hallmarks conditions of winter – snow and ice – can wreak havoc with businesses, causing dangerous working conditions and hampering progress.

After such a dismal 2020, no business wants to face further disruption, delays or unexpected, avoidable outlays. Which is why investing in GRP products is such a smart choice, helping to future proof – and season proof – your working environment.

Here the GRP experts at HR Kilns, take a look at just a few of the ways GRP products can help your business.


Winter hazards and how GRP products can help

– Snow and ice

Slippery, icy conditions can be a real problem for outdoor working environments, either bringing work to a standstill or requiring precious resources to make the area safe to operate. By installing permanent measures such as GRP handrails, anti-slip step coverings or GRP flooring, you can go a long way to improving conditions and enhancing safety, year round.


– Wet conditions

The same goes for wet environments. So when the snow and ice have melted, or you’re faced with the rainy conditions so typical of the UK weather, anti-slip step coverings and walkways can be a real advantage.


– Fewer daylight hours

It’s a sad fact, but the reality is that darkness makes it easier for thieves and trespassers to go undetected. And, with less than 8 hours daylight at the height of winter, that leaves a long period of vulnerability. So protect your premises from unwanted visitors with GRP fencing. Anti-trespass panels are also a great way to prevent people from accessing restricted or dangerous areas.


Additional benefits of GRP

GRP products offer great protection against wintery conditions, but they offer a host of other attractive features too. These include excellent durability – glass reinforced plastic can not only withstand the bitter cold of winter it is also hardy to the bright ultraviolet rays of summer, offering you year-round reliability. It is also able to withstand a wide range of chemicals, is fire resistant, doesn’t conduct electricity and is incredibly strong, lightweight and easy to work.

But the real deal breaker in all of this? GRP offers all these advantages whilst still being incredibly low maintenance, requiring minimal upkeep to carry on performing at its best – freeing up time and money!


Kick 2021 off to a positive start with GRP products from HR Kilns

Are you currently relying on more traditional products but like the sound of what a GRP alternative could do for your business – then why not get in touch?

Here at HR Kilns, we manufacture a wide range of GRP goods offering everything from flooring, gratings and platforms, to handrails and ladders. And, if you can’t find exactly what you need, we even provide a bespoke GRP service. Take a look at our range online or call us today on 01695 557 711, or email and together, we can prepare your business for anything 2021 throws at it.

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