5 ways to improve health and safety on site

Health and safety is essential. There’s no getting away from it. Nor should you try to – it’s part and parcel of your responsibility as an employer. For many industries, there are predefined regulations that must be adhered to. But, whatever your sector, there are plenty of simple steps you can take to mitigate onsite risks and reduce potential threats to safety.


The impact of health and safety

Construction sites, railways, factories, industrial plants, warehouses – you name it – all industrial environments come with a high-risk element. The reality is though, that large businesses can more readily absorb the costs of health and safety matters. For smaller companies, the impact of dealing with issues can be devastating – paying fines, resulting rises in insurance costs, funding staff absences, the list goes on. Which is why doing everything possible to minimising risk is crucial.


Simple steps to enhance health and safety:

  1. A proper induction

It’s all very well expecting people to learn on the job but taking the time to show people around your site and talk through how things are done, is a simple safety step that shouldn’t be missed.


  1. Provide regular training

Regular training both on equipment use and safety procedures is important. Everyone should be aware of the steps needed to avoid unnecessary risk and how to respond to an emergency. By keeping knowledge fresh, it reinforces the importance of safety and promotes a sense of accountability and responsibility.


  1. Don’t skip the paperwork

Every workplace should have a safety plan in place. It’s also important to make sure a thorough record of any risk assessments, reported issues and inspections is kept, so that information is readily available should a problem arise.


  1. Offer a safe environment

 It’s no good asking staff to take safety seriously if the environment they are expected to work in isn’t us up to scratch.

Straightforward measures such as keeping things tidy, installing additional handrails, using anti-slip flooring and providing high performance equipment such as GRP ladders, can all have a positive effect. If you care about safety, your employees are more likely to follow suit.


  1. Get team buy-in

As the saying goes, ‘you’re only as good as the team you’re surrounded by’, which is why it is important to get buy-in from everyone, at all levels, and to keep communication channels open.

Struggling to get staff on board? Try offering incentives, such as a free lunch with your health and safety training or an increased chance of promotion for those who take part.

With all eyes and ears open to potential dangers, and raised awareness, you encourage a sense of responsibility across the team (no walking past that spillage or leaving an issue unreported) and can dramatically reduce risk levels.


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