6 easy ways to improve the safety of your stairs

In the UK there’s a fall on stairs every 90 seconds!

Climbing stairs is such a common occurrence that we’re all guilty of not paying full attention to what we’re doing but steps are easily one the biggest culprits for accidents in the workplace, at home and out and about.

A slip or trip on stairs usually ends in bumps and bruises but all too often the outcome can be much more serious – even life-threatening. So perhaps it’s time to pay a little more attention to these frequently overlooked areas and get serious about steps!

But how?

The good news is, enhancing the safety of your steps doesn’t have to cost the earth or cause no end of disruption. There are plenty of quick and easy ways you can improve things. Here HR Kilns, the UK’s premier provider of glass reinforced (GRP) products, takes a look at how…


How to make your steps safer

  1. Improve lighting – mood lighting has a time and a place – and the staircase isn’t it! To minimise the threat of nasty falls, steps should be clearly illuminated. If your steps are outside, consider fitting an outdoor floodlight – you could even use a timer so that as soon as the sun fades, you can be confident your steps will still be clearly visible. And don’t be fooled into thinking steps inside will be sufficiently lit. Many indoor staircases are located in dimly lit areas, so any additional light you can shed on the situation will enhance safety. Worried about wasting electricity? Try a motion sensor light.


  1. Improve the tread on steps – dramatically reduce the threat of a slip or trip on stairs in any environment by improving underfoot grip with GRP step covers. Old worn steps can be given a new lease of life by placing a GRP covering over the top, restoring their grip and safety and providing them with many more years of safe use. Easily fitted to most surfaces – wood, metal, concrete etc – they come as a finished product ready to secure into place and can be walked on straight away!


  1. Draw attention to the edge of the step – perhaps the most dangerous area of the step and the part most liable to be misjudged is the edge. GRP step coverings come with contrasting nosing as standard so not only are you adding extra grip to this area, but you are also helping to bring attention to it.


  1. Don’t forget the handrails – whether there are just 4 steps or a whole flight to navigate, adding a hand handrail – such as a durable easy grip GRP handrail – can greatly reduce the risk of a fall. If possible, the ideal option is to place a handrail on both sides of any steps – but if that’s not feasible, one side is definitely better than none!


  1. Remove hazards – keeping steps clean and clear is perhaps one the simplest and yet most crucial ways to ensure safety on them. Fallen items, debris, litter and leaves can all dramatically increase the chances of an accident. Build regular checks into your daily routine and create an accountable culture to help minimise risk and ensure that staff take responsibility and remove any potential hazards as soon as they are spotted to keep stairways clear.


  1. Avoid distractions – whilst notices on stair safety can be a good idea, other distractions around the stairs are not. In particular don’t crowd the top or bottom of stairs, which may accidentally disguise the first step.


Improve your stair safety today

At HR Kilns we have a fantastic range of GRP products on offer, including GRP anti-slip steps and step covers and GRP handrails. Why not take a look at what we have available and take your first step towards improving stairway safety?

Can’t find exactly what you’re looking for? Don’t worry. We can manufacture items to your exact needs, so why not get in touch to discover what we can do for you?

Call the team now on 01695 557 711 or email sales@hrkilns.com, we’d love to help!

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