Increase your summer security

Summer holiday are fast approaching, but whilst your first thoughts might be of enjoying downtime with the kids, long lazy weekends and bank holidays in the sunshine, for business owners the reality can be far less appealing.

With more people tempted to take annual leave over the summer period – and many companies still operating with reduced staffing levels – up and down the country, work premises are likely to have extended periods of time when they are completely empty. And vacant invariably means vulnerable.


Summer crime facts

Crime can happen at any time and while winter is notorious – with its dark nights helping to hide perpetrators – summer is certainly no time to relax security.

On the contrary, studies from around the world have repeatedly found a link between warmer weather and rising crime rates. And although it’s anticipated domestic burglary rates may decline with the increase in home working and staycations, there’s a real danger that business may suffer more as a result.


How to protect your premises

The good news is there are plenty of easy ways you can enhance security levels and boost your business’ protection. These include:

·         Security cameras

Cameras are everywhere these days – but are they operating at your premises? If not, it’s definitely a security measure worth considering. Not only do cameras put offenders off from approaching your premises, but in the event of a security breach, they can also provide you with vital recorded evidence.


·         Security guards

If your property is going to be empty for an extended period, it might be worth hiring a professional security guard.


The presence of an onsite guard could be all that’s needed to ensure everything is kept safe and secure. Yes, it’s an additional expense but if it buys you peace of mind and prevents the upset, hassle and expense of dealing with a break-in, it’s money well spent.


·         Alarms

Alarms not only deter intruders, but they are often a necessity for insurance purposes – so be sure to test yours are in full working order before locking up for the holidays.


With modern advances, it’s possible to get alarms programmed to send an alert to your phone if they have been activated. Not only can this help put a stop to crime before it even happens, it also means that – should your alarm be set off accidentally – you can act quickly. Reducing the risk of frustrating and disturbing neighbouring businesses and homeowners.


·         Lighting

OK, so summer brings with it the advantage of increased daylight hours, reducing the blanket of darkness under which criminals often like to operate. But it does still get dark and there’s still plenty of opportunity for crime to be committed – so don’t get complacent!


Make sure you have working security lights surrounding your property. Set them to kick in as soon as it goes dusk or opt for motion censored lights to illuminate anyone approaching your property.


·         Move expensive equipment

Keep computers, laptops and other expensive equipment out of sight. This is especially important if you work on the ground floor or have lots of windows. Leaving items on display simply serves to increase temptation for potential thieves and raises the threat of your premises being targeted.


·         Fencing

From the work yard to the school field, fencing is an excellent first line of defence for many premises.


Creating an obvious physical barrier, a strong, high fence protects your boundaries and makes life extremely difficult for anyone attempting to gain unauthorised access.


·         Train staff

Security is everyone’s responsibility and the whole team has a part to play. Putting up checklists covering things such as close windows, draw blinds, lock backdoors etc, can act as useful reminders to ensure nothing gets missed.


Enhance your security today

Whilst the need may be more apparent right now, upping security levels is always a wise investment.

At HR Kilns, we offer a great range of products that can help to increase the safety and security of your business. All items are manufactured using GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic), offering exceptional quality, strength and durability. GRP also brings the added advantage of requiring minimal ongoing maintenance…which leaves you with even more time to put on your ‘out of office’ and enjoy the holidays.

Why not take a look at our range of GRP products today or to find out more talk to the team? You can call us on 01695 557 711, email or fill in our contact form and we’ll be back in touch soon.

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