How to tackle the challenge of riser voids

What’s the biggest killer in the workplace? Industrial machinery, moving vehicles, electrical faults? Nope, it’s none of these – it’s falls.

According to research carried out by the Health and Safety Executive, by far the biggest threat to life in the workplace – particularly construction sites – is falling from a height. So, risk identified, what can you do about it and how can you increase safety levels?

Fortunately, there is a straightforward answer – riser void gratings.  And here the team at HR Kilns, take a closer look at exactly what riser voids are and how using a GRP riser grating, could quite literally prove to be a lifesaver!


What is a riser void?

Put simply a riser void is a hole in the floor. Typically found during the construction or refurbishment of multi-storey buildings, they allow services – such as electrics – to pass through and be added to the various floors at a later date.

Riser voids are a necessary stage in the building process, but they also pose a very real threat to anyone working nearby. Temporary solutions, such as scaffolding or covering with a sheet of wood, require regular checks and can easily fail – the consequences of which could be devastating.

To combat this risk, riser void gratings have been developed to provide a reliable, practical and above all else – safe – solution. By placing a riser grating over the hole you eliminate the risk of falls, reduce the time and expense of regular checks, and allow workers to get safely on with the task in hand. The grating can then be lifted to one side when access is required.


Why use a GRP riser grating?

Opt for a riser void grating made from glass reinforced plastic (GRP) as opposed to traditional alternatives such as steel, and you immediately benefit from the many advantages associated with this clever material.

– A GRP riser grating is 80% lighter than a steel alternative. This lightweight quality makes them easier to lift and handle, meaning they can easily be removed to allow access and be man-handled around the site.


– If you’re trying to reduce the risk of slips and falls, why add a surface that can be lethal when it’s wet? Unlike slippery steel, GRP riser gratings have an inbuilt quartz gritted surface, making them not only highly robust and durable but also anti-slip too.


– With power tools and electrics in frequent use, the non-sparking and non-conductive features of GRP riser gratings are highly desirable and can dramatically increase safety levels on site.


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