Step it up with GRP ladders

Still managing with traditional wooden or aluminium ladders? Why make life harder than it needs to be? Invest in GRP ladders today.


What is GRP?

GRP stands for glass reinforced plastic. It is a strong, durable yet extremely lightweight material – making it great to work with and the ideal material for ladders, especially in an industrial setting.


What are the benefits of ladders made from GRP?

Glass reinforced plastic has many desirable qualities and a set of ladders made from this robust material can easily outlast – and outperform – their conventional counterparts.

Just some of the advantages of GRP ladders include:

– Lightweight – gone are the days of struggling with heavy awkward ladders. GRP makes ladders effortless to work with and easy to manoeuvre to exactly where you need them.

– Low maintenance – ongoing maintenance for GRP ladders is virtually non-existent, saving you time and money

– Strong and durable – ladders fabricated from GRP are able to withstand extremely heavy loads and harsh unforgiving environments

– Resistant to corrosion – highly waterproof, GRP ladders won’t rust or corrode making them excellent for outdoor use or for damp indoor environments. They are also impervious to a wide pH range

– Slip-resistant – an important feature in all ladders is a slip-resistant rung and that comes as standard with GRP ladders

– Non-conductive – safety must always be paramount, and it is good to know that GRP is non-conductive. So, wherever your ladders are placed they pose no electrical threat

– Cost-effective – given all these benefits, it follows suit that GRP ladders prove extremely cost-effective. With minimal ongoing maintenance required and their highly durable nature, they really do make the smart choice.

Even in the most difficult of working environments, GRP ladders invariably offer a superior safety solution. And, here at HR Kilns, as one of UK’s top suppliers of GRP products, you can rest assured that all our ladders are fully tested to EN 131 British Standard.


Where can GRP ladders be used?

The answer to this is pretty much anywhere – which is what makes them such a sound investment!

Thanks to all the hardy characteristics of GRP products, ladders made from this material can be used in all manner of environments. A few examples of typical use include:

– Railways

– Access to restricted areas in power or chemical plants

– Water treatment plants

– Food processing plants

– Factory floors

– Power stations

– Manhole access

– Rooftop ladders

– Mezzanine floors


Ready to make the switch?

Wherever you need ladders for, we’re confident you won’t regret making the switch to GRP ladders. Why not check out our range and order yours today?

Alternatively, for more information or to discuss your bespoke requirements, you can chat to a member of the team. Simply call us on 01695 557 711, email or leave your details by filling in our contact form and we’ll give you a call back as soon as possible.

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