Why GRP products are great for golf courses

The golf season is teeing off. Question is – how ready is your course?

Whilst golf can be enjoyed all year-round, April traditionally marks the start. With fairways, greens, water hazards and sand bunkers to maintain, the task of staying on top of things – and getting ready for the increased footfall of the summer playing season – can take its toll. Both on time and club finances.

So why not do things differently this year? By making a switch to using glass reinforced plastic (GRP) products.

Not convinced? Hear us out. GRP has numerous qualities that make it perfect for use around the golf course. Here the team at HR Kilns, look at how this composite material can massively reduce maintenance needs – and save you money!

Why GRP?

Used widely around golf courses, wooden walkways, bridges and steps may initially look attractive – but, principally, it’s style over substance and the looks don’t last!

Without constant care and maintenance, wood quickly starts to degrade becoming covered in moss and algae. Not only does this spoil the appearance, it causes the wood to rot. More crucially though, it can pose a serious slip risk. 

Add to this threat the fact that golfers invariably have damp shoe soles from playing on wet or dewy grass – they’re juggling heavy golf bags – and a nasty trip or fall seems inevitable. 

This hazard can be avoided by making the switch to GRP.

Using GRP around the course

·         Moulded flooring or grating

GRP gratings can be put to effective use around the course. Think footbridges, ramps, ditch crossings, drain covers, gullies, and ramps. They work brilliantly even when exposed to harsh elements and won’t deteriorate or rot in damp or wet environments. With the promise of a lifespan lasting in excess of 50 years, and with minimal upkeep required, the use of GRP gratings both on and around the course is growing increasingly popular.  

·         Handrails

Section of the course that seems to always catch people out? Tricky steps to the clubhouse? Fit railings to lend a helping hand.

Installing a handrail can dramatically reduce the risk of a trip of fall by offering a means of support and steadying.

A GRP handrail is strong, highly resistant to corrosion and low maintenance – no repeated sanding needed to avoid splinters or expensive wood treatment is required. And whilst a vibrant colour is often recommended to draw attention to the rail, they can be created bespoke to customer requirements, meaning they can complement surroundings.

Add to this the fact that they are ergonomically designed and easy to grip – even wearing golf gloves – and you’re on to a winner. 

·         Step covers

Wooden sleeper steps are a standard feature across many courses – but they can also be lethal.

Even if conditions aren’t damp, with repeated use the surface can become worn and slippery. But this can be easily remedied – with GRP step covers.

Simple to apply to any surface – wood, metal or concrete – GRP anti-slip step covers add a layer of carbon and silicon grit to the top layer of steps to provide great underfoot grip and a hard-wearing finish. Quick and easy to fit, they can be walked on straight away, so fitting them doesn’t need to disrupt play.  

·         Fencing

Need to prevent players from straying into the wrong area? Keen to create a safe area for buggy storage or to separate your crazy golfing from your greens? Then why not use GRP fencing?

Available in a wide range of colours and heights, GRP fencing is strong, secure and a great low maintenance alternative to other more traditional fencing materials. 

Tee-off with GRP products today

A switch to GRP could mean that, this time next year, there will be no rush to get ready – your course will be safe and playable all year round.

At HR Kilns we are GRP specialists, designing, manufacturing and installing a wide range of GRP products. Can’t find exactly what you need or keen to find out more about how GRP can be used about the golf course? Talk to the team today by calling 01695 557 711 or email sales@hrkilns.com and we’ll get straight back to you. 

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