Why switching to GRP should be your resolution for 2022

Nothing suggests a fresh start quite like a new year. It’s an opportunity to reflect on the past 12 months, assess your achievements and mark out new approaches to move forward.

How can things be better? Where can you make improvements? How can you be more efficient, sustainable and, ultimately, successful?

In business, these are the million-dollar questions. Worth then, taking time to assess them properly. Yes, most businesses are typically governed by the financial year or April to April, but January is still a great time to reflect, mark out strategies for the coming year, formulate a focused improvement plan and take steps for positive change.

One such change? Making the switch from traditional materials such as steel, titanium or wood to GRP products.

Not convinced GRP is the right move for you? Read on, we’re pretty sure you’ll change your mind…


What is GRP?

First and foremost, let’s be totally clear on what exactly GRP is.

GRP stands for Glass Reinforced Plastic. It is can also be referred to FRP or fibreglass. It is a composite material, made up of plastic that has been reinforced with fine glass fibres.

The result is a material that offers numerous beneficial and favourable characteristics such as being extremely strong, durable – GRP can withstand harsh wet environments, ultraviolet rays, chemicals and is fire retardant – and requires minimal maintenance.

Why switch to GRP products?

So you’re 100% clear on what it is, but why does using glass reinforced plastic make good business sense?

Let’s take a closer look…

·         It can save you money

Few things matter more to a business than the bottom line. Turning a profit is essential, there are bills to pay and wages to process. So using a material that offers cost-savings and efficiencies without compromising on capabilities, is surely one decision that won’t require too much consideration.

Thanks to its durability and hardiness, GRP products can last a lifetime, which instantly screams savings. Add to this the fact that it can do so with minimal maintenance costs along the way and you’re surely on to a winner.

·         It’s a sustainable option

With growing awareness of our impact on the environment, businesses are far more focused on their environmental responsibilities. The pressure is on to be eco-friendly, using sustainable, energy-efficient processes and products. GRP more than ticks this box.

With low impact manufacturing and the potential to recycle and re-use. GRP is a great choice if your business is determined to go green this year.

·         It can save time

We all know that in the world of business, time is money.  

GRP is incredibly lightweight. This characteristic means it’s far easier to work with and handle on-site. What would take the strength of half the workforce and probably even some hefty machinery, can be manhandled and manoeuvred with far greater ease if manufactured from glass reinforced plastic. This makes the process much simpler, less labour intensive and far quicker.

Take your first steps towards a successful 2022

If you’ve never considered making the switch to a composite product before, or you have but have been put off by initial uninspiring investigations, a bad experience or hefty prices – you’ve been searching in the wrong place!

Now is the time to take another look but this time with the GRP professional at HR Kilns. To find out more about the service and GRP products we offer, get in touch with the team today. You can call us on 01695 557 711, email sales@hrkilns.com or fill in our contact form and we’ll be in touch.

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