GRP stairs – the easy way to enhance school safety

According to the Health and Safety Executive, 55% of all accidents in educational settings are caused by a slip or trip, with nearly 2000 recorded last year.

Managing this risk is a legal responsibility. And with steps and stairways particular accident hot spots, it’s no wonder schools, colleges, and universities are seizing the opportunity of the summer break to assess the safety of premises and make improvements.

Want a hand controlling the potential for slips and trips? Here the team at HR Kilns take a closer look at why schools are so susceptible to accidents and how quick fixes such as GRP stair nosing and step covers can dramatically help to improve safety.

Why are schools slip and trip hot spots?

Schools are well-regulated environments, so it can come as a surprise that they are also a high-risk zone for nasty falls.

Factors that exacerbate the issue include:

-Staff and pupils carrying heavy or awkward items

-Crowded areas with high levels of footfall


-Poor lighting

-Floor contamination – dropped food items or litter, wet surfaces caused by rain and fluid spillages.

-Obstructions – dropped bags, classroom equipment, cables.

Solutions for anti slip steps  

There are easy and effective solutions to help to reduce the risk of slips and trips. Such as:

Raise awareness

In a busy environment like a school, it’s important to raise awareness and encourage everyone to take responsibility for safety.

Talk to students, make them alert to the risks and help them understand how something as simple as a spilt drink can pose a real threat to safety.

To reinforce this learning, it’s also a good idea to use appropriate signage. For example, not to run in corridors, warnings about slippery surfaces or to ‘mind the step’. Position in key areas to work as an effective reminder. 

Fit nosing

GRP stair nosing can be fitted retrospectively to the front edging of steps or stairs and are a great way to boost safety.

With built-in grit, they provide additional traction where it’s needed most – on the front edge of each step.

Quick and easy to fit, GRP stair nosing can be applied to any existing surface. Not only will it increase grip, but it will also enhance the durability of the stairs themselves, adding a layer of protection from constant wear and tear.

Use step covers

Worried about metal stairs getting slippery when it rains? Wish they were anti slip steps? Well with GRP stair treads it’s a quick and straightforward task to transform them – without any of the disruption or costs associated with brand new stairs.

And it’s not just metal staircases where they can be fitted. Our step covers can be used to cover wood, concrete, or steel.

With a top layer of carbon and silicon grit, they dramatically increase grip. Step covers can also come with a luminescent strip, designed to increase visibility of stair edges in poor lighting.     

To further reduce the risk of accidents, GRP stair treads can also be put to effective use in other areas – such as along access ramps and play areas.

Order GRP stair nosing and step covers

If you’re looking for a fast and effective way to increase safety and reduce the potential for nasty falls  ahead of the new school year, we have an excellent selection of GRP nosing and step covers available to order.

To find out more about our different options for creating anti slip steps, why not get in touch with the team to discuss your requirements in more detail?

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