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GRP Gratings

Need a safe walkway? Looking for an additional layer of protection or support? Then GRP gratings could be just what you’re searching for.

An effective and versatile product, gratings offer a durable and long-lasting solution for numerous applications – whether that’s as additional insulation and strengthening or as anti-slip fibreglass floor grating.

GRP gratings (sometimes referred to as fibreglass grating or ‘sheets’) come in several variations. We provide:

  • GRP sheets
  • Open mesh flooring
  • Anti-slip sheets


As with all products manufactured from glass reinforced plastic, GRP gratings are not only incredibly strong and durable, they are also non-conductive, fire retardant and highly resistant to corrosion. Meaning that – however and wherever you use them – you’re guaranteed great results.

Order GRP gratings

We offer a wide range of thickness and mesh dimensions, and all gratings can be provided in standard stock sheet sizes or cut to custom measurements using our in-house state-of-the-art machinery.

Typical colour choices include light grey, dark grey, green, yellow and blue.

Not sure which type of GRP grating is best for your needs? Talk to the team. We’re always on hand and will be happy to offer guidance on the most suitable choice for your application, along with a competitive fibreglass grating price.


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What safety features do GRP gratings offer?

Manufactured from glass reinforced plastic, GRP gratings are not only incredibly strong and durable, they also offer a number of key safety characteristics.

These include the fact that they are:

  • Non-conductive – preventing the transfer of heat or electricity, making them particularly useful in and around rail infrastructure.
  • Fire-retardant – GRP gratings are designed to slow the spread of fire.
  • Resistant to corrosion – the durable surface of GRP gratings are highly tolerant of wet or damp conditions.
  • Immune to a wide pH range – if you work with chemicals, or use harsh products, GRP gratings are ideal. Unaffected by a wide pH scale, they help to avoid unnecessary damage or weakened surfaces.
  • Anti-slip – with built-in grip GRP grating can help to prevent nasty slips and falls, even in damp conditions.

To discover more about GRP gratings, and how they could help to enhance safety levels in your setting, talk to the team today.

What can GRP gratings be used for?

That’s the great thing about GRP gratings – they’re hugely versatile and can be put to good use in a wide variety of ways.

First and foremost, GRP gratings are typically used as an anti-slip walkway. However, as a lightweight, durable and strong product, there are numerous alternative applications – including using GRP gratings to strengthen and support, or even to boost insulation levels.

Got a particular application in mind? Why not run it past the team here at HR Kilns? We’ll happily chat through your intended application and share our expertise to help you identify the best GRP gratings for your requirements. Call us on 01695 557 711 or email

How much customisation is there with GRP gratings?

At HR Kilns, we know that one size rarely fits all. Which is why we provide plenty of flexibility and customisation with all our GRP products.

We offer gratings in several variations – sheets, open mesh flooring, and anti-slip sheets.

All are supplied in standard stock sheet sizes, but thanks to our investment in state-of-the-art machinery, we can cut gratings to any custom measurements in-house.

We also provide GRP gratings in a range of thicknesses and mesh dimensions. And you can choose from a selection of colours, including light or dark grey, yellow, green, and blue.

If you have a particular request in mind, get in touch. We’ll do everything we can to accommodate your requirements.

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