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GRP Hand Lay Up & Spray Up Products

HR Fibreglass have the latest Magner Venus spray chopper system, the resin and catalyst is typically mixed with the catalyst or curing agent within the spray gun. This is followed by spraying the catalysed resin and glassfibre roving’s through the spray gun at the same time, the glassfibre roving’s are chopped within the chopper head of the spray gun into 12mm – 24mm lengths.

Each pass of the spray gun increases the product thickness, a roller is then utilised to consolidate the resulting laminate to exclude any air entrapped in the process and ensure the reinforcement is completely coated in resin.

The spraying of the glass and resin mix continues until correct laminate thickness is obtained.


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What’s the difference between hand lay-up and spray-up products?

At HR Kilns we offer both hand lay-up and spray-up manufacturing techniques for composite products.

Hand lay-up is the most traditional method of composite manufacturing. As the name suggests, it involves working by hand using a brush to spread the resin and polymers evenly within the mould. A hand roller is then used to force out any trapped air before the mould is sealed and left to dry.

Spray-up products are created in a similar way, but the resin quantity and thickness is controlled using a spray gun.

Both techniques work well for a range of products – of all sizes – but as they are relatively labour intensive, they are typically used for lower volumes of production.

If you’re unsure if hand lay-up or spray-up products are right for you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team. We’re always on hand and will be happy to discuss your project in more detail to identify the right process for you.


What are the benefits of hand lay-up and spray-up methods?

Hand lay-up has been used for many years and is an established and trusted technique. With resins designed to dry at room temperature, tooling is generally straightforward – which helps to keep costs to a minimum. Add to this the fact there are a wide range of resins and reinforcements compatible with this process, and it’s easy to see why it’s a popular choice for any business seeking customisable and cost-effective production.

Spray lay-up is also a comparatively low-cost solution. This method is generally chosen over hand lay-up for more complex designs as it is largely considered to be faster and more efficient when detailed moulds are being used. It also allows for faster production.


Can I customise hand lay-up and spray-up products?

Of course! At KR Kilns we use these manufacturing methods to offer an entirely bespoke service. Whatever your needs we’ll work closely with you to try to meet – and exceed – your requests.

Whether hand lay-up or spray-up, we’ll create a mould bespoke to your requirements employing the skills and expertise of our experienced team. Size, shape, colour and reinforcement are all customisable elements. And, as with all composite products manufactured here at HR Kilns, you can depend on excellent value for money.

To find out more, or for a personalised quote for spray-up or lay-up products, please get in touch.


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