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GRP Anti-Trespass Panel

Need a way to keep people safe around rail tracks or other hazardous areas? Then look no further than GRP anti-trespass panels.

Designed for use on the railways, with full Network Rail acceptance (certificate PAO5/O6081) in the UK, our trespass panels act as an excellent safety measure to deter people from straying into the path of potential danger.

How do anti-trespass panels work?

Anti-trespass panels create a ground-level barrier to prevent people (or animals) from accessing prohibited or dangerous areas. Fitted to the floor, they work by having a cleverly profiled surface to make walking across them virtually impossible.

Why use GRP anti-trespass panels?

Here at HR Kiln we supply both standard and fire-retardant anti-trespass panels. Both options are made from GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic), meaning our panels offer many advantages over other similar products – including the fact that they are extremely durable and highly resistant to corrosion.

Lightweight, our trespass panels are both quick and simple to install. Rail fastenings can be easily inspected without the need to remove panels – although this can be easily done if more detailed track maintenance is required.

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  • Lightweight construction. One person lift. Panel weight approx, 25kgs
  • No Crane required, full crossing can fit onto a standard light goods vehicle
  • Quick Installation: – Panels, bearing bars and fixings
  • Easily removed for track maintenance
  • Fire retardant versions available for use in underground stations and tunnels
  • Ability to inspect rail fastenings without the need to remove any panels
  • Compatible with all level crossing systems
  • Simple design prevents vegetation growth
  • Tamper resistant stainless steel fastenings for long life or standard fastenings
  • Full Network Rail acceptance (Certificate PAO5/O6081) in the UK
  • Can be used on platforms, bridge parapets and other structures
  • Ideal for where access deterrent is required
  • Simple to fix on all types of structures – brick, concrete, steel, etc
  • Cutting service available
  • Same profile as traditional timber products
  • Technical support available
  • GRP Deflector Plates Available

What are the benefits of GRP anti-trespass panels?

There are numerous advantages to using anti-trespass panels. Not least of which, is they provide a method of ensuring safety where other options fail – such as fencing to secure railway lines, when it can often prove difficult to install railings close enough to the track.

Benefits of GRP anti-trespass panels include:

– Proven to act as a physical and visual deterrent

– Specifically designed for the rail industry (our trespass panels have complete Network Rail acceptance and are certified PAO5/O6081) they can be used in any location to prevent unauthorised access

– Quick and easy to install

– Can be lifted and reused in other areas

And don’t forget, our anti-trespass panels are made using glass reinforced plastic (GRP). This means you also reap the rewards of using this robust material, which include the fact that it is non-corrosive, hardy to all weather conditions, strong, low maintenance and cost-effective….to name just a few!

If you’d like to find out more about the benefits of GRP anti-trespass panelling, or to place an order, contact the team today.


Where can I use anti-trespass panels?

Typically, anti-trespass panels are used around railway lines, as a way of deterring intruders from the track and other dangerous areas.

That said, our anti-trespass panel can be used in any potentially hazardous environment to keep people – or even animals – away from areas where they could be in harm’s way.


Are anti-trespass panels easy to fit?

Yes. Super lightweight it only takes one person to lift a panel, so no large cranes or excessive manpower is required.

Installation is quick and easy. Our GRP anti-trespass panels can be attached to any surface – brick, concrete, steel – and we can cut them to your exact requirements to make fitting even more straightforward.

Panels can easily be taken up if track maintenance is required but rail fastenings can be inspected without the need for removal.

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