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GRP Open Mesh Flooring

Need a safe reliable walkway capable of withstanding harsh, wet conditions? Then you need GRP open mesh flooring.

Incredibly strong and highly durable, open mesh flooring offers an excellent pathway solution. It is ideal for wet environments where constant drainage is required and excellent as a means of bridging gaps between raised surfaces.

We stock two varieties of open mesh flooring. These are:

Standard open mesh flooring

Solid top open mesh flooring – as above but with an additional layer of gritted GRP sheeting applied to the surface. This is particularly advantageous in areas where the strength and durability of GRP open mesh flooring is required but with a safer surface for general public use e.g. at stations (high heels and open mesh grating don’t mix!)

All of the GRP open mesh flooring supplied here at HR Kilns, is tested to meet strict British health and safety regulations. We stock a choice of 10 thicknesses – starting at just 14mm right through to 53mm.

Not sure what you need? Our experienced team can help. Tell us the intended use for your open mesh grating and we’ll do the hard work for you. Calculating the exact open mesh flooring size and thickness required to do the job safely and effectively.

Order open mesh flooring

Available in a choice of colours – grey, black, green, yellow and blue – we can provide the exact size, strength and colour of open mesh grating you require.

To discuss your project in more detail or to place an order, speak to a member of the team.

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Chemical plant and metal finishing
Construction engineering, traffic and transportation
Petrochemical engineering, ocean survey, water engineering
Food and beverage plants
Textile printing and dying and electronic industry


Anti-slip floor, stair tread, foot bridge
Operation platform, trench cover
Security and safety fence, handrail
Off-shore oil rig, moor shipyard, shipping deck, ceiling
Ramp ladder, scaffold, railway footpath
Decorative grid, man-made fountain pool grid
Non-conductive and non-magnetic


Anti-corrosion and anti-aging
Light but high loaded strength
Long service life and maintenance free
Non-conduction or magnetic
Easy installation and rich colors
Various sizes and colors available

Types of thickness we stock

  • 50mm – Standard grating & Solid top
  • 41mm – Solid top
  • 38mm – Standard grating & Mini mesh
  • 30mm – Mini mesh
  • 28mm – Solid top
  • 25mm – Standard grating
  • 14mm – Mini mesh

Concave Surface

Smooth Surface

Diamond Top Cover

Gritted Top Cover

Gritted Surface

Mini Mesh Surface

Micro Mesh Surface

Heavy Duty

Mesh (mm)

Thickness (mm)

38 x 38

13, 14, 20, 25, 30, 38, 50, 60, 70

40 x 40

25, 30, 38, 40

50 x 50

15, 25, 40, 50, 63

79 x 79


83 x 83

25, 38, 40

Mesh (mm)

Thickness (mm)

12.7 x 12.7/38 x 38 micro mesh


13 x 13/40 x 40 micro mesh

25, 30, 38

Mesh (mm)

Thickness (mm)

19 x 19/38 x 38 mini mesh

25, 30, 38

20 x 20/40 x 40 mini mesh

14, 22, 25

25 x 25/50 x 50 mini mesh


26 x 26/52 x 52 mini mesh

30, 38

Mesh (mm)

Thickness (mm)

25 x 50

38, 50

25 x 100

25, 30, 38, 38p

38 x 100

38, 50p

25 x 152


35 x 100


38 x 152


60 x 220


Mesh (mm)

Thickness (mm)

25 x 100

25, 30, 38, 38p

38 x 100

38, 50p

38 x 152


Mesh (mm)

Thickness (mm)

25 x 152


38 x 152


Where can GRP flooring be used?

The answer to this is easy – anywhere!

If you’re looking for a hardwearing, low maintenance flooring then this is your solution. Whether used inside or exposed to the elements outdoors, GRP flooring is a great choice for virtually any environment.

Highly resistant to corrosion and waterproof, it won’t rot or damage in damp surroundings. And, thanks to its anti-slip finish, it’s a safe option for wet or oily conditions too.

On top of this GRP flooring can also withstand exposure to a wide PH range – making it ideal for areas where chemicals are in use. And its non-conductive qualities mean it is also a great option for anywhere electrical hazards or heat pose a threat, such as railways or factories.

Is GRP flooring safe?

Yes, GRP flooring is one the safest industrial flooring options out there and can play a key role in protecting and promoting health and safety.

We add carbon and silicon grit to the top layer of our GRP flooring to create an enhanced anti-slip surface with additional grip to prevent accidents.

Our GRP flooring is also resistant to fire and corrosion – maintaining its structure and reliability even under immense pressure – and won’t conduct heat or electricity.

Other safety qualities include the fact that it is resistant with a wide pH range of chemicals, is non-magnetic and offers exceptional high strength to weigh ratio.

Do all GRP flooring surfaces look the same?

No. Here at HR Kiln we offer a choice of mesh patterns for your GRP flooring, from micro and mini mesh surfaces, right through to a solid diamond top.

Flooring is available in a range of panel sizes and thicknesses – we even have different colours to choose from! Take a look at the range and if you can’t see exactly the right GRP flooring for you, or would like some expert advice, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team.

Is using GRP cost-effective?

GRP flooring is a hugely popular choice, offering excellent value for money.

Whilst the initial outlay can be more expensive than more traditional flooring options such as steel gratings, GRP flooring won’t rust or corrode over time. It also comes with a built-in anti-slip finish – so you won’t suffer any expensive accident claims either!

Lightweight, it is quick and easy to install and will last anything from 25 years to 100 years! Add this to the fact that it requires virtually no maintenance and the cost benefits of GRP flooring speak for themselves.

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