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GRP Ladders

If you’re looking for a flexible solution that will outperform traditional steel or wooden ladders, then GRP Ladders are a sure winner. HR Kilns range of GRP Ladders (Glass Reinforced Plastic) combine extremely strong pultruded fibreglass box sections for stringers, together with high strength fibreglass rungs with ribbed anti-slip edges for optimal safety.

GRP Ladders ideal for industrial environments

Each of our GRP Ladders are fitted with anti-slip rubber feet for extra grip and are lightweight in nature, making them the ideal solution for use in busy industrial environments. Also benefiting from chemically resistant properties, GRP Ladders have become the go-to choice for use in in chemical plantations, as well as a host of other harsh working environments, including:

  • Construction sites
  • Manhole access
  • Power plants
  • Water treatment plants
  • Food processing plants


Low maintenance industrial ladders

Not only are GRP Ladders easy and quick to install (where applicable), but they are also incredibly low maintenance and will remain high performing in all elements without much input making them an ideal solution where the workload is demanding.

Long-lasting GRP Ladders

Designed for flexibility and longevity, HR Kilns ladders are fully tested to EN 131 British Standard, certificates available on request. Thanks to their extreme low maintenance nature and aversion to rust and corrosion, a set of GRP Ladders can outlast their conventional counterparts with ease, making them a worthy investment.

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Key Features

Non conductive
Corrosive free
EN 131 Certified Ladders
Polyester pultruded sections
Box section stringers stiffer in torsion than channel
No scrap value
Maintanance free
Low installation costs
Warm to touch

Main Uses

Chemical Plants
Water & Waste treatment plants
Marine & Offshore
Power stations
Other applications which require safe access to raised areas

What are GRP ladders?

Most commonly seen in the construction industry, but versatile for use across all sectors, GRP ladders are the ultimate choice for strength and safety when on the job. Glass Reinforced Plastic offers a wide range of benefits that are invaluable in industrial environments, and our range of GRP ladders are no exception, offering:

  • Lightweight structure for easy manoeuvring
  • Strong
  • Fire retardant
  • Modular
  • Shockproof
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Slip-resistant
  • Rust and waterproof
  • Durable

GRP ladders are the superior option for workforces to perform efficiently and to the highest safety standards and outlast traditional ladder materials such as wood and steel with ease.

Are fibreglass or aluminium ladders better?

Aluminium has been highly popular for use in domestic and commercial ladders for a number of years. However, we are now seeing a change in course as GRP ladders become the more sought-after option, particularly in industrial settings.

Compared to aluminium ladders, GRP ladders are stronger and more robust, but not only that – they also offer non-conductivity. These qualities, coupled with the fact that fibreglass ladders can easily withstand harsh environments, make them the obvious choice for cost-efficiency and safety.

Do fibreglass ladders conduct electricity?

One of the biggest reasons for why our range of GRP ladders are so popular amongst industrial sectors is down to the fact that they do not conduct electricity. Being non-conductive to approximately 30,000 volts makes them the ideal choice for those working where electrical hazards may be present, as they are safe, lightweight and easy to use.



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