Why choose glass reinforced plastic?

Steel, titanium, nickel – the market is inundated with materials all promising to be the greatest. Yes, every product has its pros and cons and, yes, some are more suited to certain applications than others but in truth, glass reinforced plastic (or GRP as it’s more commonly known), is hands down one of the best materials out there. And, whatever your application, we think you’ll be hard pushed to find a better solution.

Taking into account downtime, maintenance and replacements, corrosion currently costs UK businesses not just millions, but billions of pounds every year! In tough economic times, savings need to be grabbed everywhere they can, and that’s where GRP composite products really come into their own. With unrivalled resistance to corrosion, they are a highly cost-effective and long-lasting option.

Glass reinforced plastic can withstand:

Ultraviolet rays – outside or in, it doesn’t matter to GRP products, they are just as hardy either way and won’t degrade under UV rays.

Chemicals – GRP is resistant to a wide range of harsh chemicals.

Fire – GRP is fire retardant

Wet conditions – designed to tolerate anything that is thrown at it, GRP works brilliantly even out in harsh elements and won’t deteriorate or rot in damp or wet environments

Damage – thanks to its superior strength, GRP won’t dent or damage easily

At HR Kilns, we are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of glass reinforced plastic and have seen a huge uptake from customers over recent years as they discover just how great GRP is to work with. If you’re not already using it, we really think you’re missing out. Here are yet more reasons why we believe GRP is one of the top materials out there.

Other great qualities of GRP include:

Outperforming its competitors time and time again. Glass reinforced plastic is strong yet extremely lightweight, making working with it and fitting things like GRP flooring, quick and easy.

It is also…

Slip-resistant – metal gratings can be slippery, especially when wet. Not a problem with GRP flooring. With the addition of carbon and silicon grit to the top layer, they are an excellent way to reduce the risk of accidents in wet environments.

Strong – glass reinforced plastic boasts exceptional bi-directional strength and load-bearing capabilities.

Non-conductive – GRP does not conduct electricity making it the smart choice for anywhere electrical hazards are a potential risk.

Low maintenance – no one want to use hours of manpower and money on maintenance. Which is one of the massive perks of GRP, as it requires virtually no upkeep.

Could GRP help your business?

All of these benefits AND it lasts for years – why would you choose anything else?

If you’re currently using more traditional products but like the sound of what switching to a GRP alternative could do for your business, then why not get in touch? Here at HR Kilns, we manufacture a wide range of GRP products offering everything from flooring, gratings and platforms, to handrails and drain covers. You name it and we can provide it, we even offer a bespoke GRP service, if you can’t find exactly what you need. Call us today on 01695 557 711 or email sale@hrkilns.com.

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