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Welcome to HR Fibreglass, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of GRP gratings, platforms, drainage covers and GRP flooring. Commonly referred to as GRP or FRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic or Fibre Reinforced Plastic), we have developed advanced techniques in the use of composite materials that allow us to produce sophisticated mouldings suitable for a wide variety of applications.

GRP gratings are approximately half the weight of steel and so will not require the same superstructure to support them, saving time, materials and cost – without compromising on load-bearing capabilities.

GRP flooring is becoming increasingly used in food, water and waste industries due in part to cost, but also in the fact that GRP flooring can be used as an anti-slip surface for walkways, production areas and stairwells too. Boasting incredible bi-directional strength and an impressive resistance to both chemical and corrosive environments, our continued development of composite materials has seen a rapid take-up by many of our customers.

With the addition of carbon and silicon grit to the top surface of our glass reinforced plastic, our GRP flooring and GRP gratings take on an extremely hard-wearing anti-slip surface that’s suitable for a wide range of locations – from public areas susceptible to water, like golf courses or swimming pools, to industrial applications such as dairies or food processing plants.

With no maintenance necessary, glass reinforced plastic products like our GRP flooring and GRP gratings, manhole covers and hand lay-up projects, are ideally suited to even the harshest working environments.

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What is GRP?

GRP stands for glass reinforced plastic. It is a composite material made from plastic which has been reinforced using fine glass fibres (which is why you’ll also hear it referred to as fibreglass).

This unique construction results in a material that offers endless valuable qualities for engineering, construction, and maintenance, including a high strength to weight ratio and unrivalled durability.

Why use GRP products?

Items made from fibreglass or GRP (Glass Reinforce Plastic) as it’s also known, offer countless efficiencies and cost savings. Just some the key advantages of this material include:

  • Strength
  • Light weight
  • Low maintenance
  • Highly durable
  • Slip-resistant
  • Non-corrosive
  • Non-conductive
  • Versatile

Get in touch with our friendly team of skilled GRP manufacturers to find out more about the benefits and how switching to GRP products could save your business time and money.

Why choose us as your GRP manufacturer?

Here at HR Kilns, we are one the UK’s leading suppliers of GRP products. Offering cost effective solutions for all your composite needs, we can assist with everything from the design and manufacture of your fibreglass items, right through to their installation – with experienced teams available nationwide!

Can’t find exactly what you’re looking for? Our skilled team can fabricate GRP products to match your exact requirements, so why not get in touch to discuss your needs in more detail? Call us on 01695 557 711, email or fill in our contact form and we’ll be back in touch soon.

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    Featured Products

    Featured Products


    GRP Ladders

    HR Kilns range of GRP Ladders combine extremely strong pultruded fibreglass box sections for stringers, together with high strength fibreglass rungs with ribbed anti-slip edge. Ladders are fitted with anti-slip rubber feet. HR Kilns ladders are fully tested to EN 131 British Standard, certificates available on request.


    GRP Anti-Slip Steps Installation

    GRP Anti-Slip step and landing covers are manufactured by multiple layers of fibreglass reinforcement with special resins in a solid GRP panel.Carbon and silicon grit is added to top layer of step cover which provides an excellent slip resistant and hard wearing surface.


    GRP Risers

    Riser voids – the aperture left to accommodate M&E services on multiple floors of a building – are a major health and safety issue on any construction site.


    GRP Pultruded Profiles

    The term pultrusion combines the words, “pull” and “extrusion”. Extrusion is the pushing of material through a shaped die. Where as pultrusion, is the pulling of material, such as fibreglass and resin, through a shaped die.The pultrusion process starts with racks or creels holding rolls of fibre mat or doffs of fibre roving. This raw fibre is pulled off the racks and guided through a resin bath or resin impregnation system.


    GRP Moulded Gratings

    GRP molded gratings are manufactured in an open, heated mold system. Continuous E-glass roving’s are placed in the mold in alternating layers and completely wetted out with resin. This continuous process produces an integral, one piece construction which provides excellent corrosion resistance as well as bi-directional strength.

    Years Of Experience and Levels Of Expertise..

    With years of experience and enviable levels of expertise, we’re able to offer a large selection of GRP flooring and GRP gratings options. Unlike steel which has to be made exactly to order before installation, the advantages of composite materials such as glass reinforced plastic mean you can cut our GRP gratings to the precise size and shape while on site as you need it.

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