How GRP can help weatherproof your property

Summer is officially over.

Whether you’re mourning the loss of sunshine or you’re not a big fan of the heat anyway, there’s no escaping the fact that cooler months – and the harsh conditions they bring – quickly take a toll on property. 

It’s a real worry.

Water damage, structural damage, not to mention financing increasing energy bills to stay warm and keep lights on, are just some of the concerns that the turn of the season can bring. And as the first official storm of the autumn/winter season – storm Agnes – hits the headlines, it’s likely more and more thoughts will turn to weatherproofing.

Wondering if you’re ready for the change in seasons? Panicking you’ve left things too late?

GPR offers a fast, easy, and cost-effective solution to protect property – all year round! Here our team of GRP experts share tips and advice on how you can best defend against bad weather.     

Using GRP to weatherproof

Add insulation

Scarfs, gloves, woolly hats – we all know to wrap up warm when it comes to winter and the same goes for premises too.

GRP gratings offer an excellent barrier against cold weather and extreme conditions, protecting the exteriors of buildings and helping to increase insulation and keep energy bills down.


One of the biggest contributors to weather damage is rain. Whether it’s rot brought about by a wet environment, warping, staining or discolouration, water can cause all kinds of problems.

Ensuring you waterproof as far as possible, and use material impermeable to water – like GRP – will decrease the scope for damage.

Prevent accidents

Slips and trips pose a risk at any time of the year but are a particular threat in wet weather.

Use GRP flooring or fit anti-slip step covers and not only will you protect the nose edge of stairs and walkways, but you will benefit from increased traction underfoot thanks to a built-in silicon grip.  

Avoid damage

Known for its exceptional strength, GRP fencing is excellent if your panels are exposed and likely to be easily damaged by strong winds.

Switch to GRP fencing, and not only will it maintain your boundaries and security, even in storm-strength gales, but if you’ve previously relied on wooden fencing, you’ll also reduce your maintenance chores with no painting required.

Other ways to weatherproof

GRP can be used to great effect but to further enhance protection, it’s also a good idea to:

·         Sort the jobs list

Broken roof tile? Rotting fence panel? Blown bulb in the flood light? If you’ve got an outstanding list of maintenance tasks, now’s the time to tackle them.

Fail to deal with a problem and what is a relatively small issue now, has the potential to grow into a much bigger – and more costly – issue as the bad weather hits.     

·         Prep outside space

Overhanging, dead, or vulnerable trees and branches should be trimmed back or cut down.

It’s also important to clear gutters and unblock drains so excessive rainfall can easily drain away – remember to stay on top of this, particularly through autumn.

·         Check windows

Wooden window frames need regular checks – and the most important of these is at the start of the winter months.

Look for signs of rot or damage, this can then be chiselled out and refilled with wood filler. It’s also a good idea to give the frames a fresh lick of paint as this with help to reseal and protect them – do this sooner rather than later, before the more severe weather really sets in.

Similarly, if you have plastic frames, check for any gaps in order to prevent drafts.

Why choose GRP over any other materials?

The innate qualities offered by GRP make it a great pick over other materials.

 It is:



-Highly durable




Check out our previous blog, ‘Why choose glass reinforced plastic?’, for more on this.

Ready to batten down the hatches?

Keen to find out more about how GRP products could be used to help bolster your property’s weather defences? Then why not get in touch?

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