GRP Wraps

Need a way of restricting access or keeping electrics out of harm’s way? Then our GRP wraps offer the ideal solution.

Principally used by the rail industry as a way of preventing trespassers from scaling overhead lines, GRP wraps form an excellent protective barrier. By wrapping around the base of the lines, their smooth outer surface prevents anyone from being able to climb and put themselves – and the line – at risk of serious damage.

One of the biggest advantages of GRP is that it doesn’t conduct electricity, making it the perfect material for use around railway lines, or indeed anywhere where electricity poses a potential threat. So, aside from preventing unauthorised access, GRP wraps can also be used to protect high voltage cables, wires, or even pipework.

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Are GRP wraps set sizes?

No. Our GRP wraps are made bespoke to your exact measurements. There is no one size fits all and we will craft the exact wrap dimensions that you require to ensure a complete and perfect fit.

Can I choose the colour of my GRP wraps?

Yes! Every aspect of a grp wrap is customised to your exact requirements and that includes the colour. So, whether you want to attract attention with a bright colour to warn of danger, or would prefer your wrap to blend more subtly with its surroundings, the choice is yours.

 Where can GRP wraps be used?

The most common use for GRP wraps is in the rail industry as GRP’s durability, strength and the fact that it doesn’t conduct electricity, make it the ideal material for use in these hazardous, high voltage areas.

By wrapping the base of overhead lines, it not only keeps cables safely out of reach, but it also prevents any unauthorised attempts to climb the lines, helping to ensure a high level of safety.

Add to this the fact that GRP holds no scrap value and therefore offers no temptation to thieves, and you’ve found yourself a dependable solution. One that can be employed anywhere – for any industry – where there is a need to seal off access or wrap cables and pipework out of harm’s way.

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