Why GRP products are on the right track

Glass reinforced products are the modern go-to. Lightweight, cost-effective, and hugely versatile, they offer a smart solution – especially when it comes to the rail industry.

Track beds, gantries, lineside furniture, platform systems, look around you at a train station and you’ll see more and more materials are being replaced by a glass reinforced plastic (GRP) alternative.

But why exactly? Yes, there are many admirable qualities to GRP but that can also be true of steel, wood and other more traditional options out there. So what exactly is it that sets GRP products apart and makes them the ideal trackside choice?


The key advantages of using GRP in rail environs

The short answer for GRP’s popularity is that it’s the most high-strength, long-lasting, and cost-effective option, but it goes so much further than that.

Here the GRP specialists at HR Kilns Ltd, take a closer look at more of the key benefits:

– With a high strength-to-weight and stiffness-to-weight ratio, compared to other materials like steel or reinforced concrete, GRP is far easier to work with onsite. And, given the perilous conditions associated with working near railway lines, the less equipment and manpower required – and the quicker and more efficiently a task can be carried out – the better.


– The non-magnetic and non-conductive properties are perhaps one of the most compelling features that sets GRP products apart from other materials in the hazardous rail environment. With overhead lines just one of the many safety considerations to be factored in when working in this environment.


– Excellent corrosion and weather resistance.


– GRP products comply with strict fire, smoke and toxicity standards.


– GRP products can easily be cut to size and shape on-site, as required. And, with an experienced manufacturer such as HR Kilns, products can also be custom made.


Add to these factors the longer life cycle and vastly reduced maintenance costs, and it’s clear to see that the high performance of GRP products is enabling the development of a more efficient and cost-effective rail infrastructure.


How GRP products are being used

Just some of the ways GRP products are being used in the rail industry, include:

Anti-trespass panels – acting as a ground-level barrier they prevent unauthorised access and keep both people and animals from straying into danger’s path.

Fencing – cordon off dangerous areas, protect station surroundings and prevent easy access to the track with GRP fencing.

Walkways and platforms – used as train driver walkways, fixed or movable methods of negotiating track, these non-slip, non-conductive walkways are an ideal way to keep people safe.

Wraps – prevent trespassers from scaling overhead lines and keep deadly electrics out of harm’s way with GRP wraps.


Find out more

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